A huge Thank You, to our customers, friends and partners, who honor us with their preference, keeping us so busy!

  • Information Technology
  • Study of creating/securing local and remote network (LAN, WAN, VPN).
  • Design and implementation of informational systems.
  • Design and implementation of backup procedures.
  • Disaster recovery planning, design and implementation.
  • Annual, semi-annual, support packages.
  • Hardware, software and equipment upgrades.
  • Providing suggestions for improving IT processes to save on resources.
  • VOIP telephony solutions.
  • Custom application development.

  • Web Services
  • Web sites, Eshops design & development.
  • Web sites maintenance (security and content updates).
  • Registration of [.gr] domain names.
  • Web & Email Hosting.
  • Websites security check and improvement suggestions to prevent hacking.
  • Webinars implementation & coordination.
  • File sharing solutions via Secure Cloud.

  • Creative Advertising Services
  • Internet & Print Advertising.
  • UI/UX, Prototypes and mockups.
  • Graphic Design, Desktop Publishing.
  • Logos and Brand Identity design.
  • Documents digitizing
  • Publications design and publishing (leaflets, newspapers, books)
  • Video & Audio editing , YouTube, live broadcasting.
  • Presentations design & implementation.

  • LetsGo
    Business Support
  • Form of your business effort.
  • Harmonizing the functions of the company with the corporate objective.
  • Procedures guidance & counseling.
  • Regulatory compliance.
  • Setting up & organizing of new businesses.
  • Digital Transformation, efficiency increment using technology.
  • Encryption & Digital Signature Solutions.
  • A network of dedicated partners to meet business needs.

  • GDPR
  • Compliance evaluation studies.
  • Compliance action planning and implementation.
  • Preparation of all documents required by the Regulation.
  • Legal review of studies and compliance action plans of the proposed technical solutions.

  • Blockchain - DLT
  • Implementations for businesses / individuals.
  • On-Site business personnel training.
  • User training (live webinars).

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